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Article Reprints

Have you had an article appear in New Technology Magazine that talks about your company or a technology you’ve developed? A paper reprint or PDF of these articles can be a great promotion tool.

Paper Reprints

We can customize reprints to suit your company's needs, including the addition of:

  • Company logos
  • Advertisements
  • Company contact information
  • Cover options

Most reprints are printed on 60-pound gloss stock. Reprint prices vary based on the quantity that is ordered and the length of the article.


We can also produce a PDF file for you to post to your company website, intranet or use for e-mail marketing purposes. The charge ranges from $100 to $500, depending on the size of the article.


Please send your request to the Editor from our contact form. For both reprints and PDFs, an invoice is sent after your order is shipped.

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