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On the right track?

On the right track?

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Peak Tailings Ponds?

Centrifuge technology setting new standard for advancing tailings solutions

Read more...The increasingly rapid development and testing of new oilsands tailings treatment technologies will end the growth in tailings ponds within five years and speed the reclamation of existing tailings ponds, according to a veteran researcher who has been involved on the ground floor of most of today’s new technologies.

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Cool Technology

Refrigerating into existence a new industry for B.C.

Read more...Making ice cubes and building a natural gas export industry on the West Coast of British Columbia have more in common than one might think, at least technologically speaking.

“[A refrigerator] needs the compressor to compress the refrigerant that is expanded to produce the cooling, and liquefaction plants basically work in a similar fashion,” says Zoher Meralta, principal and LNG specialist with the professional services provider CDS Research Ltd.

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On The Right Track?

Safety technology races to catch up with runaway growth in crude-by-rail transport


The heightened levels of public concern about safety in the wake of the Lac-Mégantic, Que., disaster that killed 47 people, as well as several other crude oil train derailments in Canada and the United States, have recently sharpened the focus of the industry and the government stakeholders on some new regulatory options, better tank car construction and possible high-tech solutions.

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Academe Versus Business?

 Professor’s low-cost system the first to cut fugitive methane emissions economically from low-volume sources

Read more...Patrick Hettiaratchi, an engineering professor at the University of Calgary (U of C), has been working for nearly 20 years on developing ways to control fugitive methane emissions. His innovations in bio-­filtration offer an economic and technically viable alternative where traditional methods of methane emissions control are impractical and too expensive.

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