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Charting His Course

Calgary innovator hopes to make digital mapping mainstream in the oil and gas industry

Read more...When Gary Zhang founded Calgary-based MRF Geosystems Corporation in 1992, his goal was to take the relatively new technology of geographic information systems (GIS)—or digital mapping—to new heights and introduce its capabilities and benefits to a myriad of industries and companies.

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Information Across the Nation

 Energy and information technology sectors seek synergy through enhanced collaboration


Information and communications technology (ICT) is ubiquitous in many sectors of the economy. The term encompasses a broad range of usages, from smartphone apps to ATMs, but it is essentially the integration of telecommunications, computers and software to create, gather, transmit, store and analyze digital data.

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Perennial Inventor

For more than 30 years, farm-raised innovator has been devising tools and systems to make oilpatch problems vanish

Read more...It was the dawn of the mobile phone era. In the late 1970s, Wayne King—founder, president and chief executive officer of Lloydminster-based Grit Industries Inc.—was selling communications equipment, including two-way radios and the like, to government, ambulance services, and the oil and gas sector. His natural sales ability was paying off, and he did well despite “a lot of skepticism about telecommunications in general” back then. “A mobile phone was about the same price as a new pickup,” he recalls.

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Unlikely Green Champion


Pipeline company executive creates renewables heavyweight

Read more...His employer is at the epicentre of one of the biggest environmental battles of the decade—the attempt to construct a pair of pipelines through the rugged British Columbia wilderness to tidewater on the Pacific to facilitate the rapid growth in what many consider “dirty oil”—the Alberta oilsands.

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