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Oilsands Value Proposition

Scientist pursues heavy metal extraction for both environmental and economic benefit
For Kevin Moran and other senior managers with Calgary-based Titanium, the last 14 years must have seemed like an ongoing search for the elusive Holy Grail—all the while knowing it was somewhere in their backyards. Titanium, which was launched in 2001 with the goal of "creating value from waste" in the Canadian oilsands mining sector, had a simple value proposition at the time, which is reflected in its slogan.

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Simple Concept, Masterful Execution

Cementing specialist now leading the way in frac tool innovation

Although Don Getzlaf is an inventor and chief technology officer of NCS Multistage, a completions tool and services company, improving downhole tools—let alone scoring patents for developing new ones—was not always on his radar. Nonetheless, throughout most of his career, Getzlaf's work has rarely been very far removed from fracturing and completion issues.

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Alberta's Chief Science Officer

Eddy Isaacs has been doing collaborative research since the early days of the oilsands
One impression you get after talking with Eddy Isaacs is that he's someone you could work with. And that shouldn't be a surprise. For more than a quarter of a century he's been getting people to cooperate on technology collaborations. That means achieving consensus through countless committee meetings of diverse groups from industry, government and universities.

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Under Pressure

University professor/inventor aims to help SAGD industry survive

An expert in reservoir geomechanics believes that if just one more SAGD project has an accident, it could spell the end of the industry—but he is working on some whiz-bang technology dedicated to making sure that doesn’t happen.

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