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High Impact

World-class discovery offshore Newfoundland portends new deepwater frontier

Read more...Not unlike any good non-fiction author, exploration geologists seek a good story to tell before going to their bosses and seeking an outlay of capital to pursue it further. If the story is accurate, they could have the oil equivalent of a bestseller on their hands. If not, the company takes a multi-million dollar financial hit and the explorationists go back to the geologic drawing board.

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From High Tech to the Oilpatch

 Wi-Fi pioneers invent technology for collecting wireless seismic data in real time


Read more...In the Dark Ages of the early 1990s, before most people had even heard of the Internet, two Calgary inventors came up with a new technology for wireless communication. In 1994, Michel Fattouche and Hatim Zaghloul were granted a U.S. patent for something called wideband orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM).

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Optimizing SAGD

New strategies and targeted tweaking are boosting efficiencies and production

Read more...Some of the concluding remarks of a paper presented at the World Heavy Oil Congress in New Orleans in March offer a succinct summary of the in situ oilsands production challenge: “The McMurray Formation is not a clean sandbox. There are stratigraphic variations between wells at even the 25-metre distance which can affect SAGD [steam assisted gravity drainage] well production.”

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On the Ball

Canadian companies advancing alternatives to plug-and-perf fracturing

Read more...The plug-and-perf method of cementing a liner—perforating and treating it before plugging the zone and moving up-hole to stimulate subsequent intervals—is a relative staple in the world of multistage hydraulic fracturing. But as the unconventional continues to become the conventional, the array of available systems is growing in tandem to help tap into these hydrocarbon resources.

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