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Under Pressure

University professor/inventor aims to help SAGD industry survive

An expert in reservoir geomechanics believes that if just one more SAGD project has an accident, it could spell the end of the industry—but he is working on some whiz-bang technology dedicated to making sure that doesn’t happen.

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Merging Big Data With Big Machines


New age of industrial intelligence offers efficiencies for oil and gas sector

The emerging Industrial Internet, a combination of big data analytics with the Internet of Things, has the potential to bring about sweeping new efficiencies to many sectors, including the oil and gas industry.


Wind In Their Sails


After a slow start, CCS gathers momentum with new projects in Canada, US

As part of Alberta’s 2008 Climate Change Strategy, the province promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 megatonnes from business as usual by 2020, mostly by kick starting a carbon capture and storage (CCS) sector with up to $2 billion in government funding up for grabs.

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The Water Question

Technology helps researchers better understand vital resource

Read more...Water is a weighty worry for western Canadian governments and industry, leading researchers to tap technology solutions for better understanding of the present and future availability of this resource—key to both life on Earth and development in the extractive sector.

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