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Crafting A Prepared Mind

Coiled sucker rod inventor credits accumulated knowledge over eureka moments
After a lifetime in the oilpatch, inventor and engineer Alex Palynchuk was recently asked what it takes to be an innovator. The developer of the coiled sucker rod paused briefly before quoting 19th century French scientist Louis Pasteur: "Chance favours the prepared mind."

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Lab Technician Turns Inventor

Taking inspiration from nature, chemist creates diluent enhancer
The transition from laboratory technician to inventor of an additive that could have a far-reaching impact on oilsands producers' transportation costs is certainly out of the ordinary, though perhaps not that surprising in the case of Christy Dewalt, vice-president of research at Petro Motion.

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Ear For Innovation

Electronic musician, oilfield entrepreneur brings new technologies to market
Whether composing digital music with his keyboard and computer or helping promising new technologies find market success, Ryan McDonald engages the world with the same detail-obsessed passion and sense of fun that have come to define the pursuit of both his personal interests and his career.

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Fresh Approach Pays Off

Casting aside conventional wisdom leads to unique wellbore integrity solution
When chemist Paul Jones was using a detailed spreadsheet to highlight the benefits of a bold new technology for a room full of executives and regional operations managers at Halliburton, it appeared the concepts he was trying to explain weren't going over very well.

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