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A Match Made In Geology


Two software companies partner to solve one of industry’s biggest challenges

Geoscientists face several challenges due to limitations in their software tools. New technologies, driven by business needs, such as full and wide azimuth data, permanent seismic monitoring and reservoir modelling, cause seismic data sets to increase to petabytes in size. These storage requirements pose challenges from an information technology (IT) perspective in terms of loading and accessing the data, and from a user perspective as it requires geoscientists to have the ability to stream, compute and visualize cross-domain data that is large and complex.

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The CH4 Question

Little consensus on how low carbon natural gas really is

One of the greatest perceived benefits of natural gas is its lower carbon footprint compared to other fossil fuels. Since it produces about half the CO2 as coal when combusted, and significantly less than oil, its use has been touted as a bridging fuel from a high greenhouse gas emissions economy to a low carbon future.

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Chasing Leaks

Read more...The rapid upswing in natural gas production in North America brought on by the advances in horizontal drilling and multistage fracturing technology has long been thought to have an environmental silver lining. As natural gas increasingly re­places coal in electricity production, greenhouse gas emissions are believed to have declined because coal produces almost twice the CO2 as natural gas when burned.


A Nose For Microseeps


Sky Hunter sensors detect underground hydrocarbons from the air

A proprietary surveying technology that maps microseep data from the sky might seem like an obvious win in the exploration of new oil and gas fields, but it is also a valuable remote sensing tool for monitoring projects already underway in the oilsands, helping companies ensure they do not unintentionally miss any bitumen beneath the ground.

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